The exciting tour that will be taking the 500collezione special edition to the major European capitals is starting in Milan. The spotlight will be trained on the stylish model which not unlike a film star will be strutting its stuff on the red carpet for photographers, journalists and influencers to see. The original journey dedicated to the latest edition to the Fiat line-up could only start the from Italy’s most fashionable city before heading off to London, Berlin, Madrid and Paris. Each of these glamorous and symbolic locations have unique particularities that make them international capitals of style, art and fashion. The new 500collezione will be welcomed by Fiat 500 owners and the many official 500 Club members, who will be joined by Italian culture enthusiasts meeting up to see the charming new model that celebrates the timeless style and design of the 500, its proverbially iconic look and its personality that is always on-trend. The 500 is a timeless icon as confirmed by a unique result in the automotive world. In its eleventh year of life, it recorded its best performance ever in Europe with over 58,000 units sold in the first quarter 2018.



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